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Update from Pastor Rajan

I am Pastor Rajan, doing God’s ministry for the last 28 years. During my teenage years, I felt God’s calling to fulfill the great commission calling, so I went to a Bible college to become a pastor. After completing my Bible college, I became an assistant pastor at a church in my community. During that time I felt lots of difficulties to reach out to people. Because they had their own cultures and traditions. It was hard to break through the strongholds of idol worship in my community.

Then in 2005, I came to know CCI camps and their training program through a pastor friend. Since other churches started to see great success after getting children’s ministry training by CCI, I also wanted to give a try. I sent 5 young leaders from my church to get training. CCI missionaries trained our young people to do effective children ministry with action songs, Bible stories, crafts making, games and various sports activities. This training helped our church to reach out the kids in my community.

When I did ministry among adults, it was difficult to reach out and change their way of thinking and their ancient practices. Some times we had strong oppositions and persecutions in the community. But now doing ministry among children gives immense joy, because these children whole heartedly accept the truth and commit their lives to Jesus. Every year I do Summer Bible Camp for around 150 children and whole year follow up program. This children ministry helps me to reach out to their parents. Now parents of the campers give great respect to me because they see how much I care for their children’s wellbeing. Thanks to CCI for helping me to learn creative ways to reach younger generation in my country.


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