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Children’s Camps International was founded in Canada's Red River Valley; world-renowned for its rich soil and agricultural heritage. Thanks to their immense generosity, we’ve developed long-standing fundraising initiatives with amazing farmers from all across Canada and the United States. 

Harvest For Kids

For over twenty years, we’ve partnered with farmers to fund the mission of Children’s Camps International. We’ve named our farm fundraising initiative, “Harvest For Kids”. This name comes from the parallel spoken by Jesus which likens ‘saving souls’ to a farmer harvesting a crop.

"...Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest."
~Jesus (John 4:35 ESV)

Most publicly, Harvest For Kids has held four Guinness World Record-setting events in Canada. In 2018, we were awarded our most recent award by harvesting 250 acres in 5 minutes with 303 combines. This is just one of our many past Grow Projects.

Grow Projects

Like everything we do, Grow Projects are simple: grow food to raise funds for our mission.

Through our farm-partner fundraising initiative, Harvest for Kids, we've partnered with hundreds farmers and thousands of volunteers to hold Grow Projects since 2006. Some Grow Projects have been world-record events with waves of spectators. Others are small, family-run harvests.


Whether the Grow Project involves 303 combines on 250 acres, or 1 combine on 9 acres, the impact is massive. To date, hundreds of thousands of additional children have been introduced to Jesus by the funds raised through our Grow Projects!

As Seen On

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2018 World Record
303 Combines


2012 World Record
249 Combines


2010 World Record
200 Combines

007 (2).jpg

2006 World Record

100 Combines

Be Involved

Be Involved

If you're in the farm community and would like to support our mission by being part of a Grow Project, we invite you to contact us using the form below. We look forward to connecting with you!

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