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All about us in under 2 minutes

Updated: Jun 12

In the dark places…

Where the poor sacrifice their food to idols,

Where society considers animals as more valuable than people,

And where people have never experienced unconditional love,

We believe the light of the world, Jesus, is the greatest need!

Since 2003, Children’s Camps International has been sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with children and families in developing countries, bringing light to a dark world that cannot be hidden.

We train pastors to reach children through vibrant day-camps, where the children are taught Bible lessons and learn about the love of God, who rescues them from darkness. After the week of camp is over, the church continues an ongoing follow-up program where these young people are discipled by their leaders. This is where children grow deep in their faith.

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, and by the grace of God, over 4 million campers have learned about Jesus through the ministry of Children’s Camps International.

Your support helps us to partner with more churches across the earth, bringing the light of Jesus to more children.

Children’s Camps International A cross, the earth

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